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2030-11-26 12:00 am

HELLO! *_________*

Hello there!~ 

Yes, as you can see, this journal is for friends only. Don't ask why, ok? You should know. lol 
You are free to add me, I don't mind. 

If you want to be added back (after some time) please answer the following:
1. Tell me something about yourself (if you want a story about your life, go on, I would love to read it!)
2. How we met (did we meet on Twitter and/or FB or from fandom *coughcougharashicoughcough* LJ communities?)
3. How you personally know me. (Optional but highly encourgaed)

And don't worry, all comments are screened for privacy. ^____^ Hope I did the right settings. LOL
Did I scare you? I hope not! I do not bite, ok? |D